5 New Carrot Dogs

POSTED ON March 12, 2014 | FILED UNDER Our Food

5 New Carrot Dogs

When we launched our original menu with a veggie dog that wasn’t a faux-meat based product, people thought we were crazy. Then they tried Chef Neal Fraser’s unique creation. Before long, word spread and our Carrot Dog became an instant classic and one of our most popular items drawing vegans and foodies far and wide.

With the launch of our new menu, our Carrot Dog line up has expanded. We’re thrilled to offer five different versions that span the flavor globe from Germany to Mexico with a couple unique stops in-between.

Following the same “No Junk” philosophy we apply to our other dogs, our carrot dog starts out as a whole, organic carrot that is whittled down into a hot-dog shape and cooked sous-vide for 18 hours in a blend of 26 spices. The end result is a hot dog-like consistency with a taste unlike anything you’ve tried.

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