Fun with Buns

POSTED ON March 28, 2012 | FILED UNDER Our Food

At Fritzi we like to think of our dogs as the total package. The dog is the gift, the bun is the wrapping paper, and the toppings are the ribbon tying everything together.  When it comes to gift-wrapping even Martha Stewart would accuse us of being too serious but with buns you can’t be serious enough.  Think about it.  The bun is always the first thing you taste- unless you’ve found a way to eat a hot dog inside out without making a total mess.

With the help of some friends at a local bakery we set out to hone and sculpt what we think are the perfect set of buns: the Orginal (baked in ‘kissing’ pans to keep them moist and springy), the pretzel (hand formed like a real pretzel), and a Gluten-Free (sourced from a strictly GF bakery). Like our dogs, we’re using only the finest natural ingredients and after a tasty period of trial and error with varying degrees of toastiness, we achieved what we think is leaven heaven.

Now, the only problem is picking our favorite! Each batch that comes from the oven feels like another round of children we’re adding to the family. Like any proud parent, we fear it’s going to impossible to pick a favorite child. They all taste amazing.

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