Rundown LA: HAUTE DOGS Frilly Franks At The Farmer’s Market

POSTED ON November 14, 2012 | FILED UNDER Press

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Grilled cheese, root beer, s’mores, there’s even a molecular version of Cool Ranch Doritos at Ink. Indeed, every childhood snack now has a chef-driven, epicurean upgrade.

It’s about time someone taught the ol’ dog new tricks.
Fritzi Dog – open now at the Farmer’s Market — creates artisanal hot dogs in small batches, using only prime cuts of humanely raised, antibiotic free, nitrite-free, vegetarian-fed meat.

There’s the Porker (curry-hinted pork), Bird Dog (mesquite turkey and duck), Deli Dog (coriander Kosher-style beef) or Stadium Dog (classic ballpark-style with smoky pork and beef).

Wrap that tasteful tube in four types of buns from brioche to pretzel (even gluten-free) and smother it in gourmet toppings of truffle aioli, Tillamook cheddar, and violet mustard.

You also have the luxury of ordering a tasting platter of four-inch dogs, allowing you to design your own experience or go omakase-style and get the chef’s choice.

Your six-year-old self just called and thanked you for refining your palette.


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