Zagat: Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Fritzi Dog Sampler

POSTED ON October 29, 2012 | FILED UNDER Press

Originally published by Zagat

With the weather still hovering around 90 degrees, it was a perfect weekend to finally give Fritzi Dog a test drive at the Original Farmers Market. The new artisanal hot dog joint, with creations from chef Neal Fraser (BLD, Grace), is neatly tucked into a tiny spot across from Bennett’s Ice Cream, a gleaming white and red space lined with golden hot dog buns, grills and fryers. There are several house-made dogs to choose from with an array of topping and roll choices, but for the undecided, like us, try the mini dog samplers. That way you can taste the classic stadium dog with chili and cheese, the spicy Fritzi Dog with grilled onions and peppers, the porker with kraut and mustard, the curry-tinged bird dog, and the deli dog with ketchup and mustard. Or any combo of the above.

We really enjoyed all five – the dogs themselves aren’t as salty and maybe not as juicy as processed hot dogs, but that’s because they are all-natural, all meat, no fillers. The different textures on all are really good, and the brioche, Parker and pretzel buns are pretty dynamite, too. Tater tots and fries with dipping sauces are a must, as is a Margo’s Bark root beer. Passersby kept stopping to ask where we got our spread, and with so many food options in the market, that’s saying something.

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